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What to look out for when buying new vinyl replacement windows?

Dallas Contractors Supply has been installing quality vinyl replacement windows since they came on the market. There are a lot of similarties in the appearance of many vinyl windows and sometimes it takes a trained eye to differentiate between differences and the benefits of each. We offer a free, in-home custom estimate in order to provide you the various options to choose from and to ensure you are getting the correct, beautiful vinyl replacement window.

One of the most important features of any vinyl replacment window is the material in the manufacturing. For example, there is a 100% vinyl product and there is a "mixed" or "scrap" vinyl product. Both appear to be the same, but as you can guess, the 100% vinly product is the one you want for your home. Some of the benefits of purchasing 100% vinyl include the following

  • Longer-lasting quality and overall durability
  • More energy efficient than composited, mixed, recycled vinyl products
  • Much more resistant to cracking, warping or peeling

The 100% vinyl product will provide your home with long-lasting beauty and maintenance-free use. In addition, getting quality vinyl windows will allow you to choose from a wide variety of frame colors and shapes. The old saying of "you get what you pay for" rings true when it comes to getting 100% pure vinyl in your replacement windows.

Contact Dallas Contractors Supply about choosing your next vinyl replacement window. We're glad to answer your questions and present you the options to select to improve the exterior of your home and increase your energy efficiency, too.

Window Replacement

Windows play a critical role in the energy efficiency of your home. New installed vinyl windows can both improve the comfort of your home, increase the value.

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Vinyl Siding Improvements

Vinyl siding provides long-lasting beauty to your home. We offer a customized installation which includes insulation of all walls, vents cut in the soffit for attic ventilation, covering all porch ceilings, soffit, facia, and any wood trim.

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